Welcome to the LANNSVR.LANN.NET Web Server

This web server is host to more than one web site.  If you have reached this server by it's IP Address alone, please chose below which site you would like to access.  If you do not have a new browser, this serer may not be able to process your request,  please upgrade your web browser in order to access these web sites hosted by LANNSVR.LANN.NET.

Web Site: Lann.net

This site is devoted to the friends and family of the owners of this server.  In here you will find happy occasions and stories relating to their not-so-daily lives.  You are welcome to join and experience their memories and their friends happy times.  God bless!

Web Site: LannEnterprises.com

Welcome to the commercial web site for Lann Enterprises Ltd.  In this site you will find services and programs relating to Lann Enterprises Ltd and its partners.  Give feedback or request services from this site, enjoy and leave feedback if you desire.

Web Site: Images / Photo Portfolio

Lann Enterprises Ltd and ameture photographer Robby Lann has comprised a short portfolio of photos that have been collected throughout his short career.  Browse the memories and images (all of which are copyrighted by Robby and/or Lann Enterprises Ltd.) on this site - most are availiable for high-resolution downloads for printing.  Enjoy and leave feedback if you desire!